How to Become a Police Officer

What to Expect From the Process

We are committed to selecting the best and the brightest to join the Mesa PD; a decision we do not take lightly.  Our hiring process is designed to ensure interested candidates will be a good fit for our team.  Our goal is to get through the entire hiring process within 3 months, but in some cases it can take up to 5 months.  We appreciate your patience as we work through the necessary clearance stages.  Choosing to become a Mesa PD police officer is a life-changing, rewarding decision; and if you are selected, your time and effort during our hiring process will be well worth the investment. 


Submit an application for police officer recruit online. If you meet the minimum qualifications, you will be mailed an invitation to take the written examination with a listed date, time and location*.

*You must submit your application online and receive an invitation to test.

Testing Dates

Testing for police officer recruit or police officer reserve is facilitated by City of Mesa Personnel at the following location:

Mesa Public Safety Training Facility
3260 North 40th Street Mesa, AZ 85215
(crossroads: east of Val Vista Drive / north of McDowell Road)

Important Testing Information
Physical testing dates will be in the mornings and will be by invitation.
Applicants who receive an invitation to test will have a test date and time listed on the invitation. Please be sure to check your invitation for your scheduled time; there will be no exceptions made.
Those who pass the physical will be notified to attend the written test the same afternoon as their physical.

2013 RECRUIT Test Dates
The actual test dates are still being determined.
**Please continue to check back for updated info and exact dates and times.


For candidates new to the testing process and interested in learning more about it, we have organizad workshops to help you through the process. These are voluntary workshops designed to help explain the testing process and answer any questions.

There are no workshops currently scheduled at this time. As future testing dates are announced, workshop times will be posted here.


Preparing for a career as a police officer
Interview Tips
Taking Tests
Protocol For Muscular Endurance Testing

Police Officer Recruit Applicant Checklist
Background Questionnaire
Credit Report Waiver
Waiver of Liability - Employment
Fitness Log


See the process here.



Human Resources
P.O. Box 1466
Mesa, AZ 85211