Kellyann Brown


What made you want to get into a career in Law Enforcement?

I wanted a challenge, a job that makes a difference, a good paying job with benefits, and wanted to have an opportunity for career advancement.


What concerns did your family and friends have with you becoming a police officer and did their concerns change after successful completion of your training?

My family was concerned with my personal safety as a police officer. Once I completed my training and they were able to go on a ride a long, they felt comfortable with my personal abilities and the quality of officers around me.


Did you find it hard to compete with male officers during the academy and FTO program?

No. You only need to be mentally strong and prepared to work hard. You quickly learn and develop your strengths and work on any weaknesses.


How do you balance the scale between family life and shift work?

Shift work allowed me to have the best of both worlds, start a family and remain in rewarding career.


Have you ever found yourself in a situation you could not handle because you were a female?

No, I have found in some situations being a female has deescalated situations.


Did you have any issues getting hired and how did you cope with the academy physical fitness requirements?

I did not have any issues getting hired, but worked hard to prepare for the job and testing process. I prepared for the physical fitness requirements, identified my weaknesses, and was exercised prior to the academy. The rest was mental strength and not ever giving up.


What do you feel you bring to Mesa PD because of being a female officer?

As every individual in the police department, you bring a unique point of view, your own personal experiences, and sometimes a different way of problem solving or thinking.


Do you feel that Mesa PD is a diversified department and should the department seek harder to hire more female officers?

I think Mesa PD is diversified and does well in seeking to hire female officers.


Give one example of a situation where being a female officer helped defuse the situation?

I recall several patrol calls, where being a female deescalated an angry suspect as they were not as intimated by a female officer.


What is your most memorable experience as a police officer?

The experience of telling the next of kin of deceased loved one, that their loved one’s unsolved homicide case, is finally solved and the suspect is charged.


Do you feel the department has been supportive in assisting you to reach your career goals?

The department has been supportive in assisting me reach my career goals with training, defined career paths, opportunities to work in different units, and personal mentors.


What advise would you give to women who want to become police officers?

Be mentally strong, be prepared, work hard, earn the job and respect, and honor the profession.




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