Push-Up Protocols

This exercise is a one minute, maximum repetition test. The applicant will complete as many push-ups as can be performed correctly in one minute. It is a military style push-up (no knees) and will begin from the up position.

The application will assume an up position with their feet together, the back straight and arms positioned slightly wider than shoulder width and locked at the elbows. Push-ups will not be counted if done from the close-grip position (triceps) or from a very wide-grip position. Both feet must be on the ground during the exercise and knees locked at all times.

You will be provided a partner to count your push-ups. Your partner will be instructed to make a fist (thumb on top) with his/her hand. While lying down, your partner will place their fist between both of your hands. Bending at the elbows,  you will lower your chest down parallel to the ground, touch the counter's fist and then return to the up position, locking your elbows at the top. Each down/up rotation will constitute one push-up. A repetition will not be counted if protocol is violated.

An applicant may rest, but only in the up position. If, at any time during the resting period, your knees or stomach touch the ground, you are finished with that portion of the test and you  may not start again.

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