Sit-Up Protocols

This is a one minute, maximum repetition test. The applicant will complete as many sit-ups as can be performed correctly in one minute.

The applicant will start flat on their back with their knees bent and feet flat on the ground. You will place your hands behind your head and your fingers interlocked, overlapping on top of your hands. Your hands and fingers need to stay interlocked, behind your head at all times during the exercise. If, at any time during the exercise, your hands and/or fingers separate, that sit-up will not be counted.

 The applicant will be provided a partner for this exercise. Your partner will count the number of sit-ups performed correctly while holding your feet flat in the manner most preferred by you. You will then curl up using your stomach muscles and bring your elbows to your knees (your elbows will need to touch or pass your knees). The applicant will then lower back down to touch his/her shoulder blades to the ground. Each rotation will constitute one sit-up.

A repetition will not be counted if, at any time during the course of the exercise, the following are observed:

  • you raise your hips off the ground
  • your fingers do not stay interlocked behind your head
  • your elbows do not touch/pass your knees, or
  • your shoulder blades do not touch the ground.


An applicant may rest but only in the up position. You cannot use your hands to hang onto your knees while resting; they need to remain interlocked behind your head. If at any time you rest on your back and not in the up position, you are finished with that portion of the test and you may not start again

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