Women in Police

“The first Christmas day I worked, I was leaving a call involving neighbors who couldn't agree on where to place a garbage can, a little girl about 5 years of age and her mother came out from the house across the street and brought me a plate of Christmas cookies. They thanked me for doing my job and working on Christmas so they could all feel safe and enjoy theirs. It really reminded me of the reason I started this career.”

- Sergeant Arlene Heckel



Realize Your Potential - With the Mesa Police Department  

Our women police officers and civilian employees make as much of an impact on our department as community as their male counterparts.  We are looking for passionate, strong-willed and determined individuals, regardless of race or gender. Women make up 11% of the Mesa Police Department; and that number is expected to grow. We offer a safe and supportive work environment filled with opportunity for growth and advancement.

We encourage any female candidate interested in joining the Mesa Police Department to learn more about the incredibly rewarding career paths we offer. 

Top Five Reasons You Should Join MPD:

  1. Support of our Local Community
  2. Safe and Rewarding Career
  3. Great Pay and Stability
  4. Multiple Career Paths Available
  5. Exciting and Challenging 


Meet some of the women of the Mesa Police Department:

"My major concern was the 'danger.' However, once I completed the training it seems as if opinions changed."
- Lieutenant Lynn Koliboski

My family was concerned about my safety. Their concerns lessened when I took them on a ride-along and they saw the people I worked with and how we interacted.
- Commander Sharon Burlingame

Be prepared mentally and physically. Stay strong and optimistic and don't take criticism personally. Come to work each day and be the best you can be!
- Officer Jodi Schock

This is a great career for women. There are so many different areas you can go to within the department. I would recommend this career to any female who likes a challenge with good pay and benefits.- Sergeant Arlene Heckel

It they are really interested in the job the opportunity is there. Be prepared for the physical challenges and realize that hard work will be noticed.
- Detective Carol Gomez




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