Our Benefits

Proud to serve, proud to offer Benefits Package

We are proud to offer the members of the Mesa Police Department a generous benefits package to complement the benefits they receive as City of Mesa employees. Benefits are extended to both sworn officers and civilian police employees.

  1. 1 Competitive Salary
  2. 2 Holiday Pay
  3. 3 Shift Differential Pay
  4. 4 Stand-by and Call-out Pay
  5. 5 Paid Overtime and Compensation Time
  6. 6 Promotional Opportunities
  7. 7 Paid Training
  8. 8 Yearly Uniform Allowance
  9. 9 Ballistic Vest Reimbursement
  10. 10 Bilingual Compensation
  11. 11 Military Leave Pay
  12. 12 25 Year Retirement for Sworn Officers
  13. 13 Incentive Pay for Field Training Officers
  14. 14 Tuition Reimbursement $8,124.00 annually

In addition to the benefits offered by the Mesa PD, our police officers and civilian employees receive benefits from the City of Mesa.
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